DJ Monkey

DJ Monkey is a fun contemporary piece of art to bring jollity into your life. Fun like the orangutang, but in a more rebellious way. The tongue sticking out, bright colours in the hair, wild cheeky grin, it will bring a smile to your faces.

The monkey is looking past you, not at you. Like he’s looking into the crowd to get the party started. Us in our forties, think it was yesterday that we was out at the clubs, raving till dawn, forgetting that it was twenty years ago. And that a late night is usually keeping awake till ten. Or maybe thats the sign of getting older. Do those older think the same way? Still believing in their minds that they are fun loving and it’s only the body breaking down?

You can see the outline in what looks like pencil, with the layers of bright colours, runs, and drips to bring that modern feel to this. But I think they are tightly controlled, bright colours to lift your mood.

DJ Monkey

To see more pieces of Art, check out my Pinterest Board.


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