Pictures of sunsets – Humber Bridge Sunset

I love sunsets, I would certainly call myself a sunset photographer. Take a look at my gallery and you will see a multitude of sunset photos, from pictures on the beach, forest scenes to this one of the Humber Suspension Bridge at sunset.

One thing I do now, is to not leave the white balance on your camera on Auto (AWB) or even daylight, but trying the custom setting. On my 5D, it’s a K (Kelvin). And playing with the temperature, I like the 8000 6700K mark. It makes the photos rich, but not too orange. All the other setting like a third under exposed to saturate it a tad more, are widely known. It means you are getting right in the camera.

The best thing I think about taking sunset photos, especially on the beach (like Fistral beach in Newquay), is that warm mystical feeling you get as you see the sun go down.

I am not really a big fan of filters, I know they have their uses, but I hate dragging too much around with me. Since I have damaged shoulders weight of equipment is a big issue. And the 5D is like a 2lb bag of sugar anyway.

Other tips I can suggest for great pictures of sunsets is that they are all different, it does vary from day to day. So, keep taking photos in your favourite spots at the right time, using apps to see where and when the sun will go down is important.

Humber bridge at a bright summer sunset. sundown photo.

If you want to see more photos click to jump over to my gallery, or if you want to see my ART BOARD, then click.


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