Lucian Freud paintings

A massive book, I mean really thick. Make sure you have a good coffee table for this one. I rest mine closer to the floor with the other huge books in my collection. A great collection of over 400 reproductions of his works. Nothing like see pieces like this in real life if you have the privilege. Just like any art really. Recently they had 10 pieces of Leonardo de Vinci’s sketchbook up at Nottingham Castle.

So good, I paid to see them twice, and I have to watch my spending.

I have found a youtube video of him in his studio, an interview, I know he was a very private man, so I am surprised.

Click the image to jump to the book on Amazon.

Cover of Lucan Freud's Hardcover book. Face, shoulder and hand image in thick paint

Lucian Freud by William Feaver

If you want to check out what other books i have on my Pinterest Books Board, quite a lot i have already on my shelf. Click the bold link.


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