Navigating Life with Epilepsy

I listen to quite a few podcasts, this is a book I heard them list. I got diagnosed with epilepsy after have a series of seizures, later diagnosed as complex partial seizures due to cyst growing where I duly wish it wasn’t. No sign of it before. But coping and living with epilepsy is a fight, I can’t drive anymore due to other reasons as well as the epilepsy.

It has strangely benefited me, I think it’s opened my mind up to trying to be free and more creative in this life. I appreciate life and people more.

I do want to learn more about this condition, so I try and read up, listen to and self educate myself as much as I can. Hence listing this book here. But people don’t see it like a broken leg for example. They don’t see it and therefore nothing is wrong with you.

So click on the link if you want to learn and living with epilepsy, it will take you to amazon to purchase.

 Navigating life with Epilepsy book cover
Navigating Life with Epilepsy (Neurology Now Books) by David C Spencer

By the way, check out my BOOKS board on Pinterest for a small selection of his and other interested reading material.


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