Teardown and mod of a really nice “starry” lamp

My background is in electronics, if you didn’t know. Like this gentleman, we take things apart because we are curious, how they work, how we could improve them, or when needed fix it. One of the best things about us engineers, is that we are always wanting to learn, recycle old into new. I personally hate this throw away society, things should be made to last. I love the Victorian steam engines, not because of the dirty use of fossil fuels, But because thy took pride in their work, to show them off. Great design and beauty was put together.

Teardown and mod of a really nice “starry” lamp

This lamp is really neat, and it’s a nice combination of three different elements. The modern glass globes and bases designed for “retro” LED lamps, a typical driver chip for a single high power LED and a string of the copper wire LEDs.

I couldn’t get it in my preferred warm white, but with the mod I show I can have any colour I want now.

I was hoping to provide a search link to these lamps, but I can only find one supplier on eBay at the moment. http://ift.tt/2d2HSA1

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