Bloody freezing and the goose isn’t getting fat

Anyway, on my travels, I found a very nice image, showing the navigation pub, this is how cold it gets, the Trent is frozen, damn right.

I do wander around when I can. To release the anger from seeing them, all the negative answers they spout. I wander down the river, though, be careful, people are poaching, drinking down by the Trent, and they are nasty fookers.

Frozen River Trent and Navigation, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Frozen River Trent and Navigation, Newark, Nottinghamshire

On a side note.

Well, not much has changed my old mucker, I’m still sitting on the wall outside the office, waiting for a job. Its been a sodding long year, the only thing that keeps me happy is watching those on skint and those other poverty porn programs that I haven’t reached that level. Although, when you do look around parts of Newark, you can smell the unwashed. I’m not mentioning where, but locals know the names of the places where you don’t venture. I think by the looks, my old mush, that most of these shitty little towns, industries have closed, or moved abroad, these cuts are killing us, and that people are feeling the pinch.

You go in to sign on, ask about re-training, I dare you, and it is like you are swearing. No, we don’t allow scum like you to do courses more than a year, we only want quick fixes. We don’t talk to colleges which for some fecking reason are under Lincoln, polytics they say. Don’t these tossers know that if there was a quick fix, then it would be used by now. Listen you divvies, there are no quick fixes, get people educated, your own figures show that this leads to a higher standard of living, prosperity, more startups. No, they want you to get into debt yourself, driving the gap between rich and us poor even wider. People listen up, if you live in a shitty, one horse town, where there is no work, leave while you can. Let those towns die, it’s like economic evolution, thrive or die.


Have a merry Chrimbo


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