Muttering it down

Another day, more rain, i bet there still will be draught warnings, profiteering sods. Screw you for as much luvva as they can get out of ya. Had to pop into town, get some cheesy nibbles from yum yums, it is getting as though that is all i can afford these days, cheap ass food. I wonder when some of these Victoria diseases associated with poverty will make a comeback, 5 – 10 years? The expect life span among the poor is already going down.

What does get my gander up, is the fact that, this is summer and feels like bloody winter, that and all these dodgy europeans, drinking peeve in the parks. I know the old town is shit hole wrapped up in a nice blanket but for fook me. Gets me down, trying to get on, get some butty, but after what must be 5 years now, bugger all. No fooker wants to know you. Life is passing me by, and there seems sod all i can do.

Looking on the bright side, at least it’s nearly the weekend. Thursday tomorrow, lets see which dimlas vote for the blue side to get in, talk about anything for a balloon for the kids. On a side note, i will have to get my fez cut, but i will have to wait till i get some luvva in the bank. Won’t cop this weekend without looking flash.


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