I wish all you happy chavvies a good monday, got to pop n sign on the old dotted line for me pancrack soon. So, just putting my cheerful tracksuit on, grab me bocky, and i will be off.
On a a side note, being a numbers monkey, i thought i would take a gleg at the ONS, to see what the figures are. The job vacancies were at a high since 2k8 at 516,000, recorded March – May 2013, well they also list those on the pancrack as 2.51 million, well, taking one from the other, we still can’t have full employment.
But those who are not in the labour force at all is 8.99 million, now what are these mushes doing. Have they completely given up? Something doesn’t add up.
Instead on them moaning why we haven’t done this, done that and making fake interviews up to see who appears. Why don’t they go back to a way that works, let them find jobs for us, and we turn up, like blakey on the buses.
When i’ve done there i will pop into yum yums and see if they have anymore more cheesy nibbles, they will match the smell on my old feet. They will get me through to payday anyway, that an a couple of vesta curries.



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