Sunny Sunday

Heavy night on the peeve last night, so i can’t see this being long, still queazy. I am surprised i cop’d, since i was pissed. In a bit, i will have to see the old bewer out, she’s just finding her kecks. Anyhow, i thought that’s it for me tonight you old son, no dodgy kebabs, let’s have some baps to fondle instead.

This morning though, what the hell was a i thinking, the peeve was certainly playing with my eyes, talk about manbeast. Hey, wait a minute, that was a mirror, God i look rough. The odds around here to cop are not great anyway, the nearby cities are better for woman, need more pesty to get over that way. Always it’s money, bloody money, always, wish i had some butty, but everywhere seems still on lock down, or closed shop. Talk about living in a dying town.

Anyway, she’s gone now, tattoo of a ‘butterfly’ on her arse, well that’s what she thinks, extra lard makes it look like a dead rat al a picasso. I’d better wash my mocherty body, and get on wi me job search. Signing on the old pancrack tomorrow, so better smile and behave, don’t want to be felt up by the bouncers on the door again. I will have make something up, cause there is fook all jobs around here, all these charity shops wanting free workers. If they paid something instead of free loading of the backs of the workers it would be easier, another option to earn.

I’m down to my last flag, after last night, so even though it’s Sunday, no beer for me. 😦 I am surprised no mush is brewing moonshine, we are certainly in a back water part of the great (my arse) country, and people are like me, broke.
I was going to go out yesterday anyhow, being nearly skint, i got so fooked off by these in the market square, lying, cheating, good for nothing politicians. So i popped in for a pint, and came across some old chavvy’s i know.

Promise everything, delivery nothing, only for themselves and their cronies, these ruling classes. And they won’t give a hoot after it’s done. The only thing us at the bottom of the pile are good for, is a war, when they need sheep to slaughter, to defend the filthy rich.

I had better get some tea inside, grab a wash, i think this peeve has played with my mind.


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