Ministry of Truth

I thought it as strange recently, and my predictions seem to be true, the increased presence of muskras around the estate, the run down hospital now with staff.

I mean you can’t fart without em over you shoulder, that and the inside knowledge that the local run down hospital has had extra staff drafted in, something to do with CQC inspection. That or that realise that people are fed up with people dying en route, to a hospital that’s only link is by some real crappy roads. Well today, walking through the old market square, or should say, was going to, all these dodgy looking mushes, wishing you a good day, with a  ‘hey up chav’ back. Can i count on your vote, how about ‘grandmother’ as like. Local by elections are coming and it is the last saturday before.
I know some of the locals still don’t know how to read or write, but don’t tells me no borey’s, being on the planet for a long time, i don’t trust you, none of you. It is always the same, well, we need another term to get around to that, what a load of cack you politicians talk. If you was voting for your own pay rise again, it would soon get through, how about us, the voting masses do it instead. We vote what we think you are worth.

I wish i did, i have no luvva as it is, job prospects seem as far as the moon, economic recovery, where is this then, certainly not around here. It’s a frigging dumping ground. All the jobs have gone way, the low paid work taken by those abroad, and making it a closed shop, we know.

How about, creating some more employment for us, stop running down the services, give us our A&E back, us who live in the sticks, then i might vote for you. Everything doesn’t revolve around the capital you know. Or if it does, have London weighted tax to keep the rest of us.

At least by next saturday, they won’t give a flying fook about us anymore, the attention will go elsewhere, the extra staff will be sent back, the town will be a run down dump again, that is until the general.


Ministry of Lies



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