Wandering around this old market town, it is becoming the hot spot for the councillors for the next election. Normally you wouldn’t see them for dust. And i don’t trust em.

Here i was trying to get by, waiting for my ma, who is the only lucky person working, and these dodgy looking mushes, in suit’s, smiling, saying good morning, please vote for us next week.

How about a polite, not a frigging chance, all you hear now is please vote for us. I don’t trust any of you now, 30 years i heard the same reasons to vote for em, and where has it got me, on the old pancrack. I wish i did have a job, i can see why people vote UKIP, try walking around these forgotten towns, once in frigging blue moon and count who is actually from the UK. Not a sodding lot.

So how is it trying to get by, bloody hard, no sod wants to know you, filling in the pointless application forms for jobs, they want a degree in nuclear physics just a cleaning job now. Why, surely you are telling lies, try it, living on this, nothing to look forward too, even the local yum yums is getting too expensive.



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